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While we were otherwise occupied porn became a prominent player in your favorite sport.

Let it never be said that we were caught slacking off.  Money talks.  And it’s trying to talk a good game in the sponsorship arena.  It’s also possible that “talk” is the desired outcome of a game plan meticulously constructed in the marketing offices of pornography giant, Pornhub.  As an opponent of selling out sports passion to porn, it’s tempting to bunker in; to apply a defense of silence that’s strong enough to shut down a mediocre offensive move while time clicks from the clock.

If you’re not aware of the problem familiarize yourself here: www.IAAMission.org/recognize

Last year university students in England, the Rutherford Raiders, thought it funny to put the website on their jersey where a sponsor’s name would have been featured were they professionals.  Following up on the precocious prank, the website actually attempted the team’s sponsorship.  Thankfully, the offer was declined.  Will a Serie A (Italian professional soccer) organization be able to resist?  The website has offered to sponsor next season’s expenses for a club from the league willing to accept.

In a brief, cheeky little piece about the latest attempt,  Fox Soccer’s blogger writes “…the adult site Pornhub is looking to ‘thrust’ into the profitable soccer market…”  Fox Soccer’s Facebook link to the Thomas Hautmann blog places a veiled request to keep the risqué humor going by asking that remarks be kept to “PG.”  Among the 2.6k direct comments was the IAAM inspired:

“$exploitation has no business in soccer!  Sponsors of an industry that preys upon the vulnerable; consumers as well as those who would be consumed, including children, should not sponsor sports.  Pornography is a public health crisis.  In fact, the American College of Pediatricians has urged health care professionals to communicate the risk of pornography use to patients and their families.  Pornography and the commercial sex industry as a whole, both directly and indirectly fuel human trafficking.  An arrangement like this in any country is bad for the world.  What’s more, even if there are no takers I cringe to think of the advertisement Pornhub has received through this shrewd ploy.  One of their last endeavors was to entice economically vulnerable college students to participate in a “scholarship contest.”  Fox Soccer, fans, players, clubs, this is not something at which to snicker.  It’s very serious.  No amount of money is worth furthering this scourge on humanity.”

And there were others who were #notBUYINGit.  But don’t be distracted by the website’s feint-hearted attempt nor by the previous refusal to accept sponsorship.  Don’t think for one minute that Pornhub doesn’t deeply desire such an opportunity – even if a one year deal.  And more importantly, don’t mistakenly think it wouldn’t happen!

So at the risk of falling prey to the offside trap,  let’s press forward.  Get the warning out in advance, make it known that this should never happen and why!  Don’t be preoccupied with the world’s mania or its mundane.  Bunkering in with ignorance, complacency and indifference is not a winning strategy!

Then again, I’ve always believed that the best defense is a smokin’ hot offense.



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